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I began helping taxpayers with IRS problems early in my career. It bothered me that the old IRS could be so heavy handed. I remember receiving a call from a client calling me from the sidewalk in front of her bank after she found out the IRS had frozen her bank account and she had recently deposited her monthly commission check. I built the first irstaxsolvers™ to reach out to those taxpayers in the same situation. The response was overwhelming. I was helping clients in cities throughout the U.S. As it grew I began to ask for help. The members who have joined us have done so out of the same commitment I made to the client years ago. Taxpayers deserve the best advocates possible in any dispute with the IRS. We have about 20 dedicated individuals and are growing. While we are not a free service, the peace of mind we bring to clients, the tax savings we are able to generate for clients, the dedication to complete service is, like the MasterCard™ commercial says, is priceless.

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