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Need help finding a qualified taxpayer advocate near you? Facing a difficult time dealing with the IRS? Looking for general information about what your options are? Looking for a tax specialist with special skills to help you? Want the latest information on what the IRS is doing? Need some ideas for saving taxes? This website is designed to help you with all these issues. We provide links to highly qualified taxpayer representatives, provide you with late breaking tax news to help you save on taxes, and tell you about recent court cases that can help you avoid trouble with the IRS and save taxes. You'll find a wealth of useful information on this site.

Ken & Donna

Each week we provide a new tax tip. Some are tax savings tips and others help you "audit proof" your return. And the old tips are archived in case you want to refer to one that appeared in the past. I'll think you'll find the tips very useful since most of the items come out of our work with taxpayers. It is also the area where we let taxpayers know of recent events that can save them tax dollars.

We're still in the process of developing an area where members can share success stories and ask questions of other professionals. This area will be completed by mid 2003. Professionals who qualify under Circular 230 can contact us about the requirements and costs of membership.

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