This site is designed to provide taxpayers with a central location where they can turn to for help with their IRS or state tax problems. While I have worked with taxpayers throughout the country as a result of this web site, many would prefer to work with a local representative. This is especially true on audit issues and unfiled returns where there is an audit risk.

While there are many tax professionals devoted to taxpayer representation the taxpayer has to wade through multiple web sites to determine who might best serve his/her needs. Often this is done without knowing whether they are dealing with a local firm or someone on the other side of the country. My ambition is to provide taxpayers with one spot they can go for help with their tax problems, get answers to questions, and locate a firm located in their area. This site is one of the few devoted to that goal.

This site has been recently redesigned to accomplish that goal. It is still in a state of growth. There is much more I hope to do with the site to provide the best match between the taxpayer and the taxpayer representative. We have recently added a forum where taxpayer representatives can exchange ideas and ask other professionals questions about the best ways to serve our clients. If you have suggestions or comments, or would like to join irstaxsolvers™, please contact us