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Need help dealing with the IRS? Faced with an audit, being threatened with levies and wage garnishments, or just beginning to receive the undecipherable government letters? We can help. irstaxsolvers™ are specialists in representing taxpayers who have problems with the IRS or state/local taxing authorities. You do not have to face the IRS alone. In most cases, you don't have to face them at all. We specialize in stepping between you and the IRS. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a specialist going to bat for you.

Ken & Donna

It generally starts with the letters, some hard to read, others sounding quite threatening. It may be followed up with a phone call or a personal visit from a Revenue Officer with the IRS. Nothing quite so unnerving as an IRS Revenue Officer at your front door or place of employment. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can stop the threatening phone calls, letters, and personal visits. Our specialists can help devise a way out of this nightmare. Whether it's having your account assigned as "uncollectable", setting up a payment plan, or getting the IRS to settle for "pennies on the dollar", let us talk to the IRS for you. Relax knowing that you have someone in front of the IRS fighting for you.

Audits scare the daylights out of most people. While rare, they still happen. The good news, most taxpayers don't go to the audit. They send an audit specialist in their place. Our team of specialists can take your place at the audit, defend your deductions and expenses, argue the law with the examiner (and generally win these debates), and help you organize your records into a form instantly acceptable to the IRS. Lost or missing records? irstaxsolvers™ members can show you how to legally recreate these records and win on audit. And most field audits take place in our offices, not your home or work.

Turned down on your request for a payment plan? IRS wouldn't allow all your travel or entertainment expenses? That's not the end of it. The Revenue Officers and Agents don't have the final word. With a written request, we can move it further up the IRS ladder to someone more sympathetic to taxpayers, the Appeals Office. Found that receipt that proves the deduction the IRS disallowed? We can request an audit reconsideration to offer our proof. While you go about your daily life, we continue the fight for your rights.

A great number of taxpayers "drop out" each year, generally as a result of some traumatic event. After skipping the first year, then the second, it seems harder to get back into the system. We work with a lot of these taxpayers. Filing old returns, even those with missing records, is not the insurmountable obstacle it seems. Once the returns are filed we are available to help with tax problems that might arise. We're with you during the whole process of filing these returns and become your spokesperson with the IRS should any question come up (it generally doesn't).

One of your most important rights is to be represented by a tax specialist such as the members of irstaxsolvers™. But not all accountants are allowed this privilege. And not all of those who are given this privilege are as qualified to represent your interest as are the members of irstaxsolvers™. Each specializes in representing taxpayers who have difficulties with the IRS.

To help keep you informed about recent events with the IRS or changes to tax law that might have a major impact on your financial situation, we provide links to news articles written by our members. We provide weekly tax tips and a variety of tax planning articles to give you ways in which to lower your taxes and reduce your audit profile. We are dedicated to keeping taxpayers informed.

Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions section. If the answer isn't there contact us and we'll see if we can add the answer to our FAQs section

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