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I offer Professional Solutions to "Tough" IRS Problems. If the IRS is:

  • Out of control in your life or company
  • Demanding payments that are not possible, or
  • Applying pressure in an attempt to make you pay

Then you probably:

  • Owe delinquent taxes and not able to pay your current taxes
  • Owe more than you can pay
  • Cannot pay as fast as the IRS is demanding
  • Need more time to pay, or
  • Feel overwhelmed by a tax problem with the IRS

I can help! The first step is to contact me at the e-mail address or phone number listed. I will conduct a brief interview by phone to discover whether a personal meeting will be beneficial.

If I think I can help, the second step will be for me to offer you a free consultation by scheduling a personal meeting. If I don't think I can help, I will tell you directly and up front.

There is nothing more effective than a personal review of your tax problem by an experienced tax professional. And no one is more capable of resolving your IRS Problem than one who is experienced in these matters. My goal is to find a solution, not to create bigger problems. Therefore, my commitment to you is that I will not get involved if I am unable to help by delivering a good value to you.

Financial Counseling - Because many of our clients who find themselves in "tax trouble" have other financial challenges, we offer Financial Counseling and Training. This service and program helps you get on track financially and avoid future financial and IRS Problems.